The days of wired telephones seem numbered with public pay phones dying a public death in full view of everyone. Millennials largely prefer text messaging to get in touch rather than use a home phone with its cost and inconveniences. For actual phone conversations, they still prefer their mobile devices shunning the crystal clear connections of land lines. But for easily calling the front desk, room service, emergency 911 and other needs, the wired hotel room phone is still ubiquitous by the bedside table along with the paper pad and alarm clock.


Desk phones and home phones may slip away but guest room phones are till pervasive. The hotel room phone is indispensable as a communication tool to guests who want instant access to the hotel's services like room service, wake-up calls, dry cleaning, room-to-room communications, and guest-request items. As it had done in the past, the guest room telephone serves the same purposes today whether you want to request the hotel staff for more towels, the time for late checkout, or a wake-up call. When it comes to internal calls, it is still the easiest and most reliable option while reflecting the hotel brand's style and values considerations.


Hotel room phones have evolved with Phonesuite Edmonton distributors bringing their telephony knowledge and experience into the hospitality business introducing new product lines for hotels. Available in both classic and contemporary designs, today's hotel phones feature enhanced voice and audio electronics. The phones are customized with new innovative designs and perceptive features that offer improved use for all guests, most notably those who work in their rooms. There is a balance in style and functionality with their ability to refresh the look of existing rooms while improving productivity through ease-of-use and intuitive interface. Guest can turn their hotel rooms into an office with phones that have seven hours of cordless battery talk time, full-duplex speakerphone, USB charging port, conference feature buttons such as hold, mute and flash, and ergonomic designs. The phones' other features include optional caller ID to screen calls, a maximum of ten particular guest services buttons to reach a desired number quickly, and automatic expired redial for privacy.



Phone distributors at supply guest room phones that conform to the technology demands of today's travelers. Whether it is something as basic as simple analog room phones and cordless IP phones, or something as specialized as a phone system, they can tailor it to the needs of the hotel. Aesthetically, the hotel phones can coordinate with any color and d?cor of hotel guest rooms, the lobby, or common areas. There are options in color accents to amplify the elegance and style of any hall or landing floor. It is obvious that guest room phones will remain in hotel rooms for many more years to come as they adapt to the needs of the travelers.